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Radio Lagonavefm 102.3 FM broadcasts news, talk, and also music .we can listen on

Radio La Gonave FM is about to be one of the most famous online radio station in Haiti/America. Radiolagonavefm broadcasts news, talk. music. Radio La Gonâve FM GUIDE D'HAITI Radio La Gonâvefm 14, NanRiske, La Gonâve Haïti Telephone(509)38112626 Radio La Gonâvefm 102.3. Ecoutez en ligne zenoradio Radio La Gonâve , La radio qui va au-delà des limites régionales, FM 102.3. Ecoutez en direct...

Radio Lagonave FM 102-3 is a privately owned technologically efficient radio network in Lagonave, Haiti that not only provides high-quality radio programming but also amazing music and a unique blend of programs and news.

What make us unique:
Everybody would find something unique on FM 102-3. We are different from others; we give much more than the news of the day. While staying ethical and responsible, we provide fair and balanced news. We stayed neutral since objectivity in news is a fundamental element of journalism. Our competent and experienced team guarantees that information is disseminated in a timely and accurate way. We provide not just entertainment, but also information that the listener desires, ranging from weather to sports to local social problems to worldwide issues. We provide a variety of programs to promote community well- being.
Aim and mission:
Our radio channel's ultimate aim is to inform, educate, and entertain our listeners with a variety of programming. Here you can find and read all kinds of news and keep up with what's going on in La Gonave City. You can also listen to a variety of musical genres and other forms of entertainment.

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